Lakewood Fire Department: 114 Year History {Est. 1902}

Established in 1902, The Lakewood Fire Department has a proud and storied past dating back to the early 1900’s. Today the Lakewood Fire Department continues to strive to be a world class fire department and carry out traditions that were set forth a hundred plus years ago.


Early History

  • 1902In 1902, the trustees of Lakewood made a contract with J.A. Mastick for a team to haul the apparatus to any fire that may occur in the village, and he would also provide two men to aid in fighting fires. Citizens, as volunteers, to furnish additional help necessary for the work at hand. This contract for services was made in 1902 and continued for about ten years.

  • 1912The apparatus at this time consisted of a hose wagon, horses and harness, hose, and a few small fire extinguishers. Shortly after, however the city purchased the first motorized equipment, which became know as Engine No. 1. By the end of 1915, the last of the horses had been sold.

    Almost immediately after the Fire Department was organized, City Administration saw the necessity for providing more commodious quarters and more efficient equipment for the work of fighting fires.

    Plans were set afoot for a new building which was completed in November 1913. The new structure, a two-story brick, was built to house both the Fire and Police Departments.

  • 1918In 1918, the property at the northeast corner of Kenilworth and Detroit Avenue was purchased by the City Council; Engine House No. 2 was constructed. Late in 1918, two Officers and eight Firemen were transferred from Engine House No. 1 on Warren Road to Engine House No. 2, and the Company was placed in service.

    In 1926, the members of the City Council purchased the property on the west side of Hopkins Avenue, just south of Detroit Avenue and contracted to have Engine House No. 3 constructed. They also approved sending old Engine No. 3, purchased in 1917, back to the American LaFrance Factory and have it rebuilt; and, when it was returned to Lakewood, it was placed in service at Engine House No. 3. During 1927, two Officers and eight Firemen were transferred from Engine House No. 1 to Engine House No. 3, and then this company was officially in service.

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