Major Accident Closes I-90

(Friday November 14, 2014 C-Shift)

Lakewood Fire Companies were dispatched to I-90 Eastbound and the Hilliard Rd overpass for reports of a tractor trailer that had flipped over shortly after 1:00pm on Friday afternoon.

Upon arrival on scene Lakewood fire companies found an overturned tractor trailer that was struck by another large semi carrying several cars. The driver of the semi that struck the overturned truck was entrapped from the intrusion of the drivers compartment from the impact. Lakewood Firefighters quickly deployed extrication and quickly began freeing the victim from the wreckage. Lakewood paramedics on scene assessed the patient and began rendering care. The patient was extricated form the vehicle and transported to Metro hospital in stable condition. The victim sustained lower leg injuries from the entrapment. Hazmat crews were called to the scene for a significant diesel fuel spill.

The accident occurred in Rocky River and I-90 Eastbound was closed for a several hours while crews cleaned up the fuel spill causing major traffic back ups. The roads were snow covered and icey from a significant snowfall earlier that day and the previous evening.

Lakewood Fire Companies on Scene: Truck 1, Car 2, Squad 1, Squad 2, Westshore Hazmat, Car 1, Rocky River Medic 68, Rocky River Engine 64.

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