Out of control Jeep crashes into pool party


(Saturday July 12, 2014 A-Shift)

An out-of-control SUV raced up a Lake Avenue apartment driveway, crashed through a fence and splashed into an Edgewater Drive swimming pool late Saturday afternoon, narrowly missing swimmers at a party in and around the water.

Lakewood fire companies were dispatched to several calls for an SUV that crashed into a swimming pool on the 11800 Block of Edgewater Dr. at approximately 18:00. Upon arrival Lakewood companies found a Jeep SUV lying on its side after it had plunged into a swimming pool. According to Lakewood Police, the vehicle struck a car on Lake Ave then sped up a driveway crashing through the fence then into the swimming pool. A bystander at the pool dove into the pool and removed the occupant of the vehicle prior to the Fire Department arrival. Squad 3 immediately located the driver of the vehicle and did a thorough assessment. The driver sustained minor injuries and was transported to Lakewood Hospital for evaluation.

Several of the party goers were struck by flying debris and sustained minor injuries which did not require Fire Department transport. Firefighters did a thorough search of the submerged SUV to make sure there were no other occupants.

A crane hoisted the vehicle out of the water Saturday evening after the job proved too much for a tow truck.

Lakewood Fire Companies on Scene: Engine 3, Truck 1, Car 2, Squad 3, Squad 2, Car 1.


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