Commercial Fire on Detroit Ave.

(Wednesday July 1, 2015 A-Shift)

Lakewood Fire companies were dispatched to the 14700 block of Detroit Wednesday morning for reports of smoke in the building.

Upon arrival Engine 3 reported smoke coming from the rear roof of a commercial building. Engine 2 and Engine 3 discovered the fire in a wall channel on the second level of the building. Engine 3 stretched an 1-3/4 up the rear stairwell to the second level roof decking. The channel was opening up and the fire was extinguished. Fire extending into the building and to the roof level. Truck 1 brought a second line to the second floor and helped extinguish the fire. Companies were sent to the roof to cut a hole to assist companies in suppression.

Companies overhauled and checked for hot spots. Several business were affected by the fire and water damage. Mutual aid was called to assist in fire suppression. There were no injuries. The cause of the fire was determined to be contractors working on the roof.

Lakewood Companies on Scene: Truck 1, Engine 2, Engine 3, Squad 1, Squad 2, Squad 3, Rescue 1, Car 2, Car  1, Car 5. Mutual Aid: Rocky River Engine 64, Fairview Park Engine 35.



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