Multiple People Stabbed and Assaulted During Massive Brawl on Detroit Ave.


(Saturday April 19, 2014 A Shift)

All Lakewood EMS Squads were dispatched to the area of W.117 & Detroit Ave. for multiple people stabbed/assaulted with gunshots fired early Saturday evening shortly after 7:00pm.

Upon arrival on scene each squad was directed to a specific location of the victims. Victims were being treated for various traumatic injuries sustained when a large fight broke out outside of the Foundry Concert Club on Detroit Avenue. Assailants were armed with various weapons including guns, knives, baseball bats, and hammers according to witnesses. Lakewood squads treated victims with multiple stab wounds, blunt trauma from a baseball bat, severe lacerations from broken bottles and various other traumatic injuries sustained during the melee.

3 people were transported to MetroHealth Medical Center a Level 1 trauma center for serious injuries. Mutual aid assistance was called in; Fairview Park Medic 31 transported a victim with severe lacerations and other traumatic injuries to Fairview Hospital a Level 2 Trauma Center. One other victim was transported by a private ambulance company that was passing by the scene. All the victims are expected to make full recoveries.

More than 20 people have been taken into police custody in connection with the brawl.

Lakewood Companies on Scene: Squad 1, Squad 2, Squad 3, Engine 3, Car 2, Car 1 Mutual Aid: Fairview Park Medic 31.

*Photos & Video courtesy of the Lakewood Observer.


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